Happy Birthday Fred& George Weasley

Today the 1st of April is Fred and George Weasleys Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Also today is April fools day, so this day was pretty much meant for the Weasley twins.



Fred and George Weasley, which one is older?

J.K Rowling told us that Fred [ one the Weasley twins] was born before George. If you think carefully about it, F comes before G and in the books they refer to them are Fred and George not George and Fred. Quite often Fred talks before or takes lead before George.

-Bit more on the twins. In Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows [part 2] Fred very sadly dies, He died in a explosion probaly caused by Rookwood.

In Harry Potter and the Half blood prince, Fred and George set up a joke shop; with the money that Harry gave them after he won it in the triwizard tournament.

They sold some amazing products such as : Puking pastiles, to get you out of class; Extendable ears, to listen in on conversations; love potions; pugmy puffs; and lots of other fun products.

Fred and George are the Jokers in the book series, and sre very sucessful with their joke shop.