Harry Potter studios Watford

On the 14th of August 2014 my family and I went to Harry Potter Studios. We arrived there at about nine thirty and left at about four.

I was so exicted my hands were shaking.  We drove to the studios when we came up to it I looked at it with amazment I couldn’t wait to get inside. the building was was massive.

and that was only the entrance!

In front of the building there where three of the big chess pieces.

When you went in you came into a massive room called the lobby with pictures of the Harry Potter charcters on the walls and the ford anglia car ina corner.

When you came in some one passed you a Harry Potter passport which was a passport sort of thing. you had to press a stamp on in every page and look out for  hidden golden snitches.

We went to the cafe which wasn’t Harry Potter food based, but the food was delicous.

We got and audio guide which another member of the family used but i was so intrested in the things around me I didn’t mind.

We got in line and on your left you could see the cupboard under the stairs and the stairs. They then gave you a Harry Potter badge, most things had a railing in front but it was still fantastic.


You then started the tour with a guide and went into a room with lots of pictures of the movies changeing every little while.


It then showed a short clip about the movies . You then came into the Cinima where it showed you another short clip about the movies and Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson.

The screen then showed a image of the great hall front doorand then the screen came up and it showed the real great hall door and they started opening it was just amazing. It was one of those memorable moments.


Everyone walked through the doors into the Great Hall! it was fantastic! The ceiling was really interesting because it was just lots of bars not like in the movies with the animation. There were somes tables and this is what they looked like.


At the sides there were some costumes of the students like what neville wore at the Final battle.


At the front of the room there were the costumes of all the professors at hogwarts.


You then went into a room with Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Victor Krum’s yule ball costume and some other things at the yule ball. There was also a bit where you could see Fleur Delacour’s blue dress and Luna Lovegood’s Yellow dress she wore to Bill adn Fleur’s wedding. You could then see Harry, Ron, Neville, Seamus, and dean’s Gryffindor bedroom with the four poster beds.IMG_1319

You could then see this It was MASSIVE.


You then went to the Gryffindor common room woth a few costumes and at the side you could see Harry’s invisibility cloak!As well as some of Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s outfits throughout the series.



You then saw The entrance to Dumbledore’s office which is the eagle.


You then saw Dumbledore’s office which was really interesting and it had things like The Godric Gryffindor sword, Dumbledore’s desk, The sorting hat, Portraits of headmasters, and of course a model of Dumbledore.



Then you went to the potions classroom which was really fasinating. It had cauldrons with spoons in them  and some of them stirred the cauldrons without anyone touching the spoons!!! There was also a model of Horace Slughorn and severus Snape.


Harry Potter just wouldn’t be the same with out Hagrid. So of course the had Hagrids hut!



there was Sirius’s motorbike that Hagrid used when he took baby Harry to the Dursleys. The motorbike was moving everywhere upside down and sidways!


The ministry of magic was next. in the middle there was the big statue with all the stone people. On one side the were the death eaters [you-know-who, Bellatrix, all the malfoys and a few others]


Also in the Ministry there were the prophecy orbs from the order of pheonix.



There was also in the ministry a big section on Umbridge. It had a few models of her with her pink clothes and also her very pink office.



You then saw The Weasley’s Kitchen which was really nice.It had some models of the Weasley’s and At the sink it had a pan with a scrubber scrubbing it and in an arm chair the was self-knitting.




and that was the end of the first part. You then went to the out back [which was outside]  where most people had their lunch and they also sold Butterbeer and the recipe was top secret. IT was delicous but it had a tangy flavour to it. In the outback there where lots of things the where really interesting.

First we went to the knight bus which you could not go inside but stand next to where the bus driver would sit and you could from ther see inside. Inside there where lots of beds and stairs at the end just like in the movie.

There was also Tom Riddle’s grave, 4 privet drive, The ford anglia car, some chess pieces around the side and the bridge from Harry Potter and Prisoner of azkaban where Harry and Lupin where talking. It was really interesting though because in the movie the bridge is really high up but at the studios it was on the ground. you could walk on it which was really fun!harry and lupin for harry poter blog

You then went to the third and last part.

You then went from the outback to a room which was called the magical creatures room. It had the the shoulders and head of grawp hagrid’s half brother, lots of magical creatures from the lake, there was models of the people who were in the lake in the second task including Hermione, and there was also a model of Remus Lupin as a werewolf.

lupin as were wolf

There was also a model of The model of a basalisk, a model of aragog [I was so scared], and a moving model of Buckbeak. There where also some videos about the magical creatures.


You then went to the next room which was a part of diagon alley!!!

There were lots of shops, but my favourite was the weasleys wizard whizzes shop, and you could even see a model of the girl being sick after eating the  pastels that made you ill.IMG_1429IMG_1430IMG_1439

You then went into a room that had lots of small paper models of places in Harry Potter like the lovegood’s house, the burrow, hogwarts, and things like that.

You then went to the last stage which was a small model of hogwarts grounds. It had really nice music on and I don’t think I’ll ever forget that moment


You then went into a room with lots of wand boxs but on the boxes were names of people involed in the movies adn it wasn’t just the actors it was the set designers, directors,script writers, everybody. Then on a screen was this “The stories we love best do live in us forever, so whether you come back by page or big screen Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home” J.K Rowling.


You then went to the gift shop which was fantastic I bought lots of cool stuff there. In the first stage you had a chance to ride a broomstick with green screen which was really  fun and then you could buy a video of you flying and a picture.

Here are some more fun photos at Harry Potter Studios


I hope you enjoyed this. If you are thinking about going I would highly recomend it! [I would also advise you to go to the shop after because it was fantastic and there is such a big selection of fun stuff there]



10 thoughts on “Harry Potter studios Watford

  1. Wow, what an incredible day! It’s a beautiful description – well-written with lots of detail. I’m glad you enjoyed it so much, and have such happy memories.

  2. These are very good photos (and great writing too) but they looked strange to me. I recently went (January) and everything was covered in snow and the great hall had christmas trees and a christmas table. They are one or 2 photos on here, not many. http://www.aguidinglife.co.uk/2015/01/harry-potter-and-drafter.html So you must go again (for the Christmas scenes) and I must go again (for the normal scenes). I think I could go there a lot of times 😉

  3. We just moved to the UK in January, and this is on our list of things we absolutely want to see. Thanks for all the great photos and details – we are now more excited than ever!

  4. Wonderful article! This is on my bucket list of things to see. If you get the chance, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida is fantastic.

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