Harry Potter Sweets/food

In Harry Potter there are the most amazing sweets/food you could think and the most unusal. In this blog i will tell you about some Harry Potter sweets/foodP.

Bertire Botts Every Flavour Beans [I have done anthor blog on these] are probaly the most horrible things you can think of the flavours can vary between Lemon, Chocolate, and Candyfloss to Vomit, Earwax, and booger. this is the one from the movies.



Chococlate Frogs They have a Real life Chocolate fog in it that atcally jumps and stuff but also you get a chocolate frog cardd such as Helga Hufflepuff or Albus Dumbledore.

Jelly Slugs you don’t here about them in the books but you can buy them online or in a Harry Potter store it’s basiclly jelly shaped as slugs [don’t worry they don’t taste too bad]

acid pop Sorry don’t really wnow a lot about these.

Ice Mice i think it is ice mixed with sugar in a mice shape.


Pumkin pastie it is a pastie with pumpkin in it.

caldroun cake Sorry don’t really know what these would taste like.

Butterbeer its a yellowish orangish liquid it is hard to explain what it would taste like.

chocoball just lots of Chocolate and cream

exploding bon bons they are just exploding sweets

Peppermint toad it is a peppermint flavoured toad [Shaped as a toad]


Fizzing Whizbees I don’t know exactly what these are.

You can get almost all these from hogsmade expesally honeydukes the Harry Potter sweets shop [there are LODS more hp foods though]









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