The Weasleys

Harry’s best friend is ron weasley He has 5 brothers Fred Weasley George Weasley Percy Weasley Bill Weasley and Charlie Weasley and one sister Ginny weasley. One Mum Molly Weasley and a Dad Aurther Weasley. They live in the burrow.


Aurther Weasley Is the dad of The Weasleys and works in the Ministry Of Magic He loves muggles and their inventions.


Molly Weasley is the Mum of the Weasleys She is house wife. In Harry Potter and The Deathley Hallows she kills Death eater Bellatrix Lestrange.


Bill Weasley gets married to Fleur Delacour.


Charlie Weasley  we don’t know much about but does stuff with dragons.

sorry I can’t get a picture.

Percy Weasley now works at the Ministry of Magic and when he was at Hogwarts he was Head boy and prefect.


George Weasley and Fred Weasley they are the jokers, in Harry Potter in the 6th book the make a big sucsess with a joke shop. Fred dies in the last book:[


Ron Weasley is Harry Potter’s friend and marries Hermione Granger.


Ginny Weasley marries Harry Potter.



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