Happy Birthday Emma Watson!

Today, April the 15th is the wonderful Emma Watson’s Birthday!



Christmas at Hogwarts

In the books and films of Harry Potter you have Christmas time at Hogwarts, which encludes: happiness, mystery and danger. In this post I am going to go through some Harry Potter Christmas moments.

In Harry Potter and the philosphers stone: It off with Ron waking up Harry on Christmas morning, and finding a pile of presents: Christmas jumpers, made by mrs Weasley; Harry’s invisibility cloak, which is from Dumbledore as it used to be James’ (Harry’s dad) cloak.

Here’s a clip of it…

In the Great Hall, Harry is sitting by the fireplace (not eating with Ron and the rest of the pupils staying at Hogwarts over Christmas) thinking about the mirror of erised (desire) and how he saw his parents in it. Ron comes up to Harry and tells him “There’s something not right about that mirror”.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: This might not be on Christmas day, but would be in December and Christmas time.

Harry, Ron and Hermione are in Hogsmade and Harry (under his invisibility cloak) follows Mcgonagall, rosmerta and Fudge into a pub, but Hermione and Ron aren’t allowed in so they wait outside.

Mcgonagal, Rosmerta and Fudge talk about how Sirius Black was Harry’s godfather and how he betrayed James and Lily, (though actually it was Peter Pettigrew not Sirius). Harry runs out (still under the cloak) Ron and Hermione follow him and find him crying on a rock and he tells them about Sirius and how he betrayed him.

There is also another scene where Ron and Hermione are looking at the shrieking shack, and Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle come up and start teasing them. Harry comes (under the invisibility cloak) and starts to annoy them (malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle) and they run away scared as they can’t see him.

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: The Yule ball, with Harry and Ron going with Patil and Padma and Hermione going with Viktor Krum and Ron tells Hermione that shes going with the enemy and makes her upset.

in Harry Potter and the Order of the pheonix: Harry and Hermione spend Christmas with the Weasleys at Grimmuald after The snake attaked Mr Weasley. I really love this scene , it has so many little touches.

In Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince: There are two scenes, the first scene I am going to show you, is when Harry is at the burrow and Harry is talking to Lupin about Draco Malfoy and Snape. Like the last christmas scene I love the small touches such as at the beginning with the penguin on the cake.

The second Christmas scene is Slughorns Christmas party, Where both Harry and Hermione go to it (but not ron) Harry invites Luna Lovegood and Hermione invites Cormac Mclaggen as she thinks it would annoy Ron the most. But later she regrets it.


In Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows, They don’t really celebrate Christmas as Hermione, Ron and Harry are trying to find and destroy horcruxes.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and that you all have a Merry Christmas!




Lily and James Potter

This is a small memory for Lily and James Potter who died yesterday {Halloween] 34 years ago. 

Lily Potter [or before she was married evans] was born on the 30th of January 1960 and died at the age of 21 on October 31st 1981. She was a muggle and like Hermione was the only witch in her family. Her parents were very proud of her, but Petunia [Dursley now] thought she was a freak. In school she was known to be one of Horace Slughorns favourite students of all time, She was also a Gryffindor student, also in her seventh year at Hogwarts she was Head Girl. Just before she got her Hogwarts letter, Severus Snape noticed her and told her she would get her letter, when she did he told her all about Hogwarts; They were very good friends. When she and Snape went to Hogwarts, James and his friends [Sirius, and remus] bullied Snape a lot, which lead to Lily not liking them and often standing up for Snape, though he was sometimes very ungrateful.  Though later in her seventh year she fell for James and married him, later on they had Harry, Harry was only a bit older than one when Pettigrew betrayed the Potters and told Voldemort about their hiding place, he came to Godrics Hollow, killed James first and then told Lily to step aside and that he would spare her and only kill Harry [Due to Snape begging Voldemort not to Kill Lily as he loved her] But Lily refused again and again so voldemort killed her, Lilys love had been so strong so when lord Voldemort tried to kill Harry he couldn’t.

James Potter was born in a wizarding family on the 27th of march 1960. so he went to Hogwarts he was sorted into Gryffindor along with Lily and made friends with Remus Lupin, SIrius Black and Peter Pettigrew. They often bullied Snape, which lead to Lily not liking him. she though intheir seventh year fell in love with him [he was head boy at the time] He and Lily got married and had Harry. Originally James and Lily wanted Sirius to be their secret keeper though Black told them it would be wiser to choose pettigrew as no one would suspect him, Lily and James agreed and sadly pettigrew told Voldemort who came and killed Lily and James, but couldn’t kill Harry.

They were both very loving parents.

This song i find very sad and heart warming:Lily’s theme…

A tribute for Hermione on her Birthday!

Today, September 19th is Hermione Granger’s Birthday!

Hermione is a very brave character, also very clever. she goes through a lot through out the series, and without her Voldemort would never have been defeated.

Happy Birthday Hermione!!!

This is Hermione in a Charms class during her first year.

  Hermione is talking to Draco Malfoy’s father [while is he is saying about how Hermione is muggle born] in Flourish and Blotts, a book shop in diagon alley before starting her second year.

This is Hermione and Harry time travelling to save Sirius Black and Buckbeak [Hagrid’s hippigriff] in their third year.

 This  is Hermione at the Yule ball, a Christmas event during the triwizard Tournament.

Hermione is casting her patronous [an otter] in Dumbledore’s army.

  Hermione is eating dessert , with Professor Slughorn and the slug club.

  Bill and Fleurs wedding has ended tragically, they have found out that the minister of magic in dead and the death eaters are coming. Harry, Ron and Hermione have apparated away.

Hermione during the final battle at Hogwarts.

Happy Birthday to Hermione on her 36th Birthday. She is now married to Ron Weasely and has two children Hugo and Rose.

Dave Legeno as Harry Potter’s Fenrir Greyback

On July the 6th last year Dave Legeno died in Death Valley, He was aged 50. He had played Fenrir Greyback in Harry Potter. Greyback was a werewolf, His aim in life was to bite as many people as he could so people could become werewolves, like himself. He was one of Voldemort’s followers a Death eater.

Dave Legeno Died while hiking in Death Valley, He was an actor and an boxer.

Fred and George Weasley, which one is older?

J.K Rowling told us that Fred [ one the Weasley twins] was born before George. If you think carefully about it, F comes before G and in the books they refer to them are Fred and George not George and Fred. Quite often Fred talks before or takes lead before George.

-Bit more on the twins. In Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows [part 2] Fred very sadly dies, He died in a explosion probaly caused by Rookwood.

In Harry Potter and the Half blood prince, Fred and George set up a joke shop; with the money that Harry gave them after he won it in the triwizard tournament.

They sold some amazing products such as : Puking pastiles, to get you out of class; Extendable ears, to listen in on conversations; love potions; pugmy puffs; and lots of other fun products.

Fred and George are the Jokers in the book series, and sre very sucessful with their joke shop.